What is the best time frame for crypto trading?

There isn't a universally agreed-upon best time frame for crypto trading as it largely depends on your individual trading style and objectives. However, certain time frames are commonly used by traders for short-term strategies: Intraday Trading (Day Trading): This time frame involves opening and closing trades within a single trading day.

When is the best time to buy crypto?

Since people tend to buy crypto on the weekend and Monday is the first day of the week to trade, trading volume will be high on Monday. Demand for cryptocurrency is high when 9-5 workers tend to get paid, so crypto prices will also be high at those times.

When is the best time to day-trade crypto?

While true, the best time to day-trade crypto could be a few hours or less. You can use stock market research and analysis tools all day, but the trading apps will follow the official closing time for trades. With that, you have a window to strategize and execute your trades during the day. Also, federal holidays and weekends are off the board.