What is an Ethereum TESTNET?

An Ethereum testnet is a collection of nodes that are used to test the Ethereum protocol. Tests are run on the testnets to ensure that the protocol is working as expected. Testnets are like mocks in that they are used to test the protocol in a controlled environment.

How to send tokens of mainnet to Ethereum TESTNET?

Be extra careful not to send tokens of mainnet to testnet. Here are two popular ways to transact to Ethereum testnet – 1. MetaMask : In the top-left of MetaMask, you can select an Ethereum network. Switch from the Main Ethereum Network to Goerli (or other testnet) and you should see your balances and transaction history update of that network.


These test Ether tokens are supposed to hold no actual monetary value as they can be obtained without any cost, allowing users to engage in various activities without the fear of losing real funds. Testnet ETH is also designed to be free or cheap to acquire as it allows developers to make lots of test transactions at virtually no cost.

Is an Ethereum network a private network?

An Ethereum network is a private network if its nodes are not connected to a public network (i.e. Mainnet or a testnet). In this context, private only means reserved or isolated, rather than protected or secure. To develop an Ethereum application, you'll want to run it on a private network to see how it works before deploying it.