Is Woodside Energy Group Ltd (WDS) a good stock to buy?

Woodside Energy Group Ltd was founded in 1954 and is headquartered in Perth, Australia. Woodside Energy Group Ltd's (ASX:WDS) Stock Has Shown A Decent Performance: Have Financials A Role To Play? Trailing total returns as of 5/14/2024, which may include dividends or other distributions. Benchmark is S&P/ASX 200 [XJO]

What happened to WDS stock?

The stock pulled back to A$28.77 in late May but rebounded to $35.39 in June and has since remained above the $30 mark. The WDS stock price has climbed from A$30.20 on 26 September to close at A$39.16 on 7 November, driven by a renewed oil price rise and the company’s strong third-quarter earnings report.

How much do WDS shares cost?

Our Q&As are emailed in our Saturday Morning Report, find the answer to this question below. The cost base used for your new WDS shares is $29.76, the closing price of WDS shares on the 31st May. NEXT article: Does MM like building industry & stocks into current sell-off?