What are Visa credit card offers in Australia?

Compare Visa credit card offers in Australia and learn about the benefits you can get, including Visa Offers + Perks, contactless payments and security features. Get 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 18 months with a 1% balance transfer fee. Plus an ongoing $0 annual fee. Ends 31 January 2024.

What is a Visa credit card?

A Visa credit card is a credit card that uses the electronic payments network operated by the company Visa to process transactions. Visa credit cards are issued by financial institutions, not Visa the company. That means Visa credit cards can vary significantly depending on the institution and specific credit card in question.

What does a credit card look like in Australia?

Most credit cards look the same – a rectangular piece of plastic with numbers on it – and more often than not, these cards will be stamped with the brand logo of either Visa or Mastercard. These two companies appear on the lion’s share of credit cards in Australia, according to Statista.com.

Can a Visa credit card be used as a rewards card?

Some Visa credit cards come linked to rewards and frequent flyer programs, allowing you to earn points as you spend. If you're a regular spender and pay your balance in full, a rewards credit card can be a useful way to get more value from your Visa card. Eligibility requirements.