What makes Veem a successful company?

VEEM is also a successful producer of high-performance propellers, fin systems and specialised components delivering consistent profits, cash flow and dividends while also reinvesting in research and development for new products and processes.

Where is Veem made?

Proudly headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, VEEM operates from a 14,700sqm purpose-built fabrication and manufacturing facility, including Australia’s largest non-ferrous foundry. VEEM employs approximately 180 staff in Australia, including graduates and apprentices, and maintains a highly skilled research and development team in-house.

How much does Veem cost?

While anecdotal, it is worth noting for potential first-time users. $20 when a client receives a non-local currency, free when they receive their local currency. If the receiver of funds is okay with receiving their home currency, Veem is superior to the banks.