How do I find the best credit card in the UK?

Here we help you navigate the UK market to help you find the best credit cards for you. These specific cards have been chosen by considering factors including the interest rate, annual fees, introductory offers, interest-free periods, rewards and cashback. Money to the Masses has partnered with Creditec* to help find the best credit card for you.

Which credit card is best for travel?

We’ve covered cards from big banks and digital providers alike, along with non-credit cards like Wise that are particularly good for travel. You should have all the info you need to compare fees, rates and rewards, and choose the right card for you. Top tip - it’s a good idea to make use of the eligibility checker tool that many providers offer.

How do I choose the best credit card?

When choosing the best credit card from the wide array available, it is useful to consider what a credit card is and how they work. You can then pick the very best credit card for the job you need it to do, which could be transferring a balance or spreading the cost of a purchase.

Which credit card is best for big spenders?

Cashback cards are the best credit cards for big spenders who clear their balance in full every month and who prefer the simplicity of cash rewards instead of point rewards will stand to benefit the most from this type of card. What makes the best cashback credit card? What's the earn rate?