What does a type of visa mean?

The labels «TYPE OF VISA», «TYPE DE VISA» and «VISA TYP» stand to tell the type of visa you have obtained which may be: Label «A» stands for the A type visa, an Airport Visa, that does not permit the holder to travel past the international airport zone.

What is a Schengen visa?

This is a visa issued by a Schengen Area member country for transit or stay in part of or all Schengen space. It is not to exceed 90 days over any period of 180 consecutive days.The visa inserted in the relevant travel document bears the name of the territories in which the holder is entitled to stay.

What is a D visa?

Label «D» – stands for the D type visa, or long-term visa, which permits your to stay for longer than three months The label «ISSUED IN», «DELIVRE A» and «SUGESTELLT IN» is followed by the name of the city where the embassy or consulate that issued the visa is based. The label «ON», «LE» and «AM» – is followed by the date when the visa was issued.

What is the difference between a passport and a visa?

Before traveling, know the differences between a passport and a visa because you may need both. What is a Passport? The main difference between a passport and a visa is that a passport is issued to a country’s citizens for international travel and identification. A passport is used to verify one’s country of citizenship.