How much is uniswap in AUD?

1 Uniswap expressed in AUD is worth 9.17 AUD, according to the UNI to AUD exchange rate, which was last updated on Feb 1, 2023 at 01:48 UTC. What is the current Uniswap price in AUD?

What is a swap rate?

A swap rate (also known as rollover rate) can be applied when positions are kept open overnight. These rates are issued by financial institutions that brokers work with and then applied to the trading services of each company. All trades left open after midnight (platform time) will have the swap rate applied to them.

What's going on with swaps in Australia & New Zealand?

All have been affected by the dramatic surge in the cost of swaps relative to bonds and liquidity has rapidly dried up. "Getting large trades done in the wholesale market now is much more difficult than even three-to-six months ago," said Mark Elworthy, head of Australia and New Zealand fixed income trading at Bank of America Securities in Sydney.

How to check AUD/USD swap rates on meta trader 4?

If you are using Meta Trader 4 choose the one you want to check and click the “Properties” button – a new window will appear that shows the long and short swap rates, as well as the market closing times. So, let’s suppose you are trading the AUD/USD Forex pair.