How do I use a pip calculator?

This pip calculator enables you to work out your profit or loss per pip on each trade you make, as well as the required margin. Simply select your base currency and trade size, then choose your market from the list below. The margin you’ll need in your account – calculated in your chosen base currency.

How do I convert pip value to currency?

Depending on your account base currency, you would need to convert the pip value accordingly. Pip Value = (1 pip / Quote Currency Exchange Rate to Account Currency) * Lot size in units For example, the pip value of EURUSD is $10 per pip with a standard lot size and a USD account: Pip Value = (0.0001 / 1)*100000 = $10.

What is pip value in AUD/USD?

For example, if you are buying the EUR/AUD from a U.S. denominated brokerage account, the value of each pip of the EUR/AUD would be different based on the price of AUD/USD at that moment. If the price of AUD/USD is at 0.7500 and you are trading 1 mini lot (10,000 units) of EUR/USD, pip value would be $0.75.

How do I use the forexchurch Pip calculator?

If you are trading a standard lot, input 100,000 or if you are trading a mini lot, simply input 10,000 - or any amount you wish! Once you input the amount you are trading or want to trade, the ForexChurch Pip Calculator will show a list of currency pairs with the pip value as well as the lot sizes for Standard, Mini, and Micro lots!