Can you use NFTS in Minecraft?

Mojang, the Swedish development studio and Microsoft subsidiary behind Minecraft, intends to revise those guidelines to also prohibit the implementation and exchange of NFTs in the game. Here's an early look at our upcoming guidelines regarding Minecraft and NFTs.

Is Mojang Studios using NFTS in Minecraft?

On Wednesday, Mojang Studios released its official stance on the disputed technologies and how they relate to Minecraft. Due to the volatile and exploitative nature of NFTs, Mojang Studios isn't allowing or supporting their use in or around Minecraft. The studio is currently updating the Minecraft usage guidelines to reflect this stance.

What are Microsoft's Minecraft NFT changes?

The Microsoft-owned studio today shared a news post regarding upcoming changes to its Minecraft usage guidelines, and they’re all about NFTs. Minecraft will soon ban blockchain tech on game servers, which are run independently by fans and creators, plus it will prohibit the use of Minecraft imagery to create NFT projects.

Is there a Minecraft “collectible” NFT?

According to Mojang, some companies have created “NFT implementations that are associated with Minecraft world files and skin packs.” The studio also suggests that there could theoretically be Minecraft “collectible” NFTs or that players could earn NFTs by doing things in Minecraft on a server or earning them outside the actual game.