How much does it cost to stake ETH?

There are a few options to stake, with a tradeoff between level of difficulty and risk compared to rewards gained from staking. Running a validator: You can earn the most by running a validator, but you will need 32 ETH to get started in most cases (which would cost roughly $42,240 as of this writing).

What is ETH staking?

ETH staking is offered under the terms and conditions of our User Agreement and any additional terms that may be presented at the time you choose to stake. ETH staking is experimental and involves some risks including possible failure of the network.

How much ETH is locked up in staking contracts?

The chart below shows that more than 13 million ETH is currently locked up in staking contracts, much of it through third-party mining pools. This is equivalent to $22 billion of ETH, nearly 11% of the total supply. It is important to note that the merge will not allow current validators to withdraw their staked ETH.

How much does 32 ETH cost?

At the time of writing in mid-September 2021, the Ethereum price now for 32 Ether is roughly $116,029. The amount of money earned by Ethereum validators right now is a return of 6% APR, which equates to around 1.91952 ETH, or $6960 in Ethereum price today.