What happened to 'ishowspeed'?

YouTuber 'IShowSpeed' was banned from the application for two weeks on July 22, 2022. YouTuber IShowSpeed was banned from the application for two weeks on July 22, 2022. Credit: YouTube/IShowSpeed What is 'IShowSpeed'? IShowSpeed is a YouTube account run by Ohio resident Darren Jay Watkins Jr.

What happened to speed on YouTube?

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Speed revealed that his latest video on YouTube has been taken down by the platform. Sharing an email screenshot of the tweet, the YouTuber even highlighted that he was about to accrue 10 million subscribers on the platform, prompting that the matter must be assessed.

Did speed get banned from YouTube?

Reaction to the YouTuber's apparent ban across social media appears to be mixed. While the majority of his fanbase is upset, others are quite happy that someone was punished for their inappropriate in-game conduct. Following his permanent suspension from the Amazon-owned platform, Speed switched to streaming and developing content on YouTube.

Will ishowspeed return?

Considering these difficult and unforeseen complications, it's unclear whether this will be a significant long-term factor affecting his content. Furthermore, IShowSpeed actually planned to return with a stream on Thursday (August 10), but canceled it at the last minute.