What is a doge meme?

Doge ( usually / doʊdʒ / DOHJ, / doʊɡ / DOHG or / doʊʒ / DOHZH) is an Internet meme that became popular in 2013. The meme consists of a picture of a Shiba Inu dog, accompanied by multicolored text in Comic Sans font in the foreground. The text, representing a kind of internal monologue, is deliberately written in a form of broken English.

What is a Doge dog breed?

The Doge dog breed is a Shiba Inu, a hunting dog bred on the Japanese island of Honshu. Genetic studies have confirmed that the Shiba Inu is one of the oldest Asian dog breeds. It was likely found on the territory of modern Japan more than 3000 years ago. In 1936, the breed was declared a national treasure of Japan.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin was created based on the already existing Luckycoin cryptocurrency and was officially launched on 8 December 2013. The popular online meme Doge was chosen as the new cryptocurrency's symbol. This innovative approach to advertising campaigns paid off, and the coin got noticed.

What is Doge Weather?

Doge Weather is an app that reports the weather and incorporates the meme. Mozilla had the meme incorporated into their project Servo logo from May 2016 to February 2020. “Weird Al” Yankovic wrote a song called “Word Crimes” that references the bad grammar in the meme.