What is smart money?

Smart money is capital placed in the market by institutional investors, market mavens, central banks, funds, and other financial professionals. Smart money also refers to the force that influences and moves financial markets, often led by the actions of central banks. Smart money is invested on a much larger scale than retail investments.

What is SmartCash and how does it work?

The SmartCash source code began as a fork of Zcoin, using the zerocash protocol. Zerocash is the foundation for the privacy coin Zcash. It depends on zero-knowledge proofs to confirm transactions without sharing the sender, recipient, or amount of the transaction. SmartCash used to support the functionality to renew coins.

What is the Smart Money index?

The smart money index is used to understand the performance of smart money in the stock market relative to dumb money, which refers to the money invested by retail investors. Institutional investors spend the trading day evaluating the price action of the market; hence, smart money is traded throughout every hour of every trading day.

What is a smart money versus dumb money chart study?

Any such "smart money versus dumb money" chart study should emphasize the recognizable differences in how the two groups position themselves in the market. However, chart readers should be aware that a chart study that labels price action as smart money or dumb money is prone to invalid characterizations.