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Is SBAC a good REIT?

SBAC is a cell tower REIT. They have two types of assets: The domestic towers represent a materially larger portion of the total value. However, the international tower segment is also big enough to be quite material. NOI (Net Operating Income) margins are good in both areas. The domestic NOI earns a higher valuation (lower cap rate).

Is SBA Communications a cell tower REIT?

SBA Communications is a cell tower REIT with a market cap of $26 billion. The company has both domestic and international towers, with domestic towers representing a larger portion of the total value. SBAC has demonstrated strong organic growth in tower leasing and has delivered excellent growth in FFO and AFFO per share.

Is SBAC a good stock to buy?

Shares were hitting their peaks and troughs at similar times. Not only is SBAC correlating with the Treasury ETF, but it's also generally been moving further (up and down). While SBAC does have quite a bit of debt, they also have quite a bit of equity. The maturities are staggered, and the REIT has been reducing its floating-rate debt.

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