What is Zeny in Ragnarok?

Zeny, as it appears in the manhwa. Zeny is the main currency of the Ragnarok universe. Everything from food, clothing, and weapons cost zeny. A subunit of the zeny is rupi (translated as ruperos in the English release of the manhwa) of which 1,000 rupi = 1 zeny. In Ragnarok Online, only the zeny is used as currency.

Why is Zeny a must-have resource?

When rare items become too available, the value of Zeny drops; likewise, when these items become scarce, their price inflates, and Zeny becomes more useful. In order to buy items and gear from NPCs and players, Zeny is a must-have resource.

How do I get Zeny?

Many new players start collecting Zeny by hunting Spores for Strawberries. Strawberries are a popular SP Healing Item. SP items cannot be bought from NPCs and must be hunted, so older players are willing to pay large sums of money for Strawberries. Many players will always have a Buying Store up to buy Strawberries.

How much Zeny should a player have?

Most players will limit themselves to either 2.0b or 2.1b on a single character at any given time to ensure ease of transactions. As Zeny is the main currency in the game, how rich a player is or how much gear and items they can afford is reliant on how much capital they have in terms of Zeny.