What are silver bullion coins?

Silver bullion coins have only two layers of cost: the precious silver metal content and the dealer premium. This makes them very transparent since the price is largely based on the “spot price” of silver spot. Rounds refer to silver coins that are produced by a private mint.

What is the spot price of a silver coin?

The spot price is the current trading value of silver which, with the addition of the premium (minting costs plus profit for the dealer), will affect the final price of your coin. Based on this information, here are the best silver coins to buy.

What are the premiums on silver coins?

Like most other bullion products, silver coins can have a wide range of premiums attached to them which varies from coin to coin. For many silver coins, this premium may only be a couple dollars over the current spot silver price. For other coins, the premium may be as high as ten or twenty dollars over spot.

How do you price worn coins?

You can safely price most worn examples by their silver coin values. Roosevelt Dime Values highlight a few collectible dates, and some, because of condition are worth a premium. Washington quarters, the current series, was first minted as a 90% silver piece. Years 1932 through 1964 are the silver coins.