What does price action look like?

Price action is mostly going sideways or is showing a light angle up or down. Price action is messy and choppy in most parts of this chart with the exception of a few parts where price was a bit faster, most notably on the left of the middle.

Why do candles have more value than other candles?

Some candlesticks will have more “value” than other candles due to their size, wick, or strong candle close, whereas other candles will be insignificant and offer no extra insight because they could be relatively small or close as a Doji (close is equal to open). Candlestick patterns indicate an even bigger message.

What happens after 3 consecutive bearish candles?

After Three consecutive bearish candles, a bullish pullback occurs. After three consecutive bullish candles, a bearish pullback occurs. What does it mean? In a trending market, counter-trend does not sustain for a longer period, so after a pullback of three candles, the main trend is ready to resume.