What is polygon (Matic) 2023?

Polygon is one of the leading layer-2 crypto solutions. BitKan explores Polygon (MATIC) in 2023 and its amazing use cases. Polygon (MATIC) 2022: Is it worth investing? MATIC research in BitKan Explore. You may have heard of Ethereum, but what about Polygon?

What is polygon 2?

Announced in June 2023, Polygon 2.0 is a set of various upgrades to the Polygon PoS blockchain that will gradually change the protocol from its architecture to governance and the evolution of its token from MATIC to POL.

Why is polygon a top layer2 cryptocurrency?

Let’s explore the Polygon universe and learn why its token, MATIC, is one of the top Layer2cryptocurrencies in the market. Following its rebranding from Matic Network in 2021, Polygon has grown tremendously to become a leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum with a vast suite of web3 products in its ecosystem.

What is polygon Pos?

Polygon PoS is an EVM-enabled sidechain that uses the Heimdall layer to help Polygon clear bottlenecks, making it more scalable. Polygon Supernets enable developers to easily launch modular blockchains tailored to specific use cases while still ensuring security.