How often should a business Playbook be updated?

Your business playbook is a living document that you should update and revise regularly. New team members or changes in your processes can necessitate changes to the playbook. As you get feedback from employees, incorporate their suggestions into future versions. Review your playbook periodically to ensure it's still relevant and accurate.

What is a playbook & why do you need it?

Your playbook is that user manual for your business! It outlines all your company's tribal knowledge and makes it so anyone on your team can complete any task. But most importantly, it keeps your business running smoothly. Here's the catch – unlike a car manual, you need to build your playbook yourself.

What are runbooks & playbooks?

Although they’re different, runbooks, playbooks, and SOPs have one thing in common: they minimize operating time with higher efficiency and improved success rates. This post describes runbooks and playbooks and how they can help remove the skill gap between teams and ensure success at work.

How do you manage a playbook?

Communicate with your team about the playbook's contents, and encourage them to refer to it frequently. Ask them to see if they can address their questions using the document before asking supervisors for help. Remind them that the playbook reflects the standards the company expects them to follow.