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What is a pharmaceutical aid?

Pharmaceutical aids, such as, excipients found in the USP窶侵F (United States Pharmacopeia窶・National Formulary), including but not limited to, preservatives, solvents, ointment bases and flavoring coloring diluting emulsifying and suspending agents. 6. Administration or injection of any drugs. 7.

What are pharmacological aids?

1. Organoleptic agents 2. Preservatives Pharmaceutical aids are the substances which have no or little pharmacological effect but they are essentially used in the preparation of pharmaceutical dosage form (like tablet, injection, emulsion, ointments etc).

What can a pharmacy aide do?

As a pharmacy aide you will be gaining first-hand experience on how a pharmacy functions. Through further education and training you can go on to become a pharmacy technician (an occupation with a “faster than average” job outlook) a specialty or managerial pharmacy technician and/or a pharmacist.

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