What does PFP mean in texting?

PFP is an acronym in texting and social media. It means both picture for proof and profile pic. Person 1: I just did a black diamond -- stoked!! Person 2: No way!! PFP! Who uses PFP?

What does PFP mug mean?

Get the pfp mug. slang in the internet for Profile Picture. Short for pfp Get the pfp mug. stands for profile picture; used in instagram or any other social media platform Girl, you have a really cute pfp on instagram !!! Get the pfp mug. Get the pfp mug.

What does IPFP stand for?

This function implements the iterative proportional fitting (IPFP) procedure. This procedure updates an initial N-dimensional array (referred as the seed) with respect to given target marginal distributions. Those targets can also be multi-dimensional.

What does FPF mean?

FPF- (ffocus pasion finish)- used by many people to describe all things good in life. It is a verb a noun and an adjective all in one. Also could be used in describing the 3 steps of male masturbation. One must focus One must use pasion and one must finish! It is a way of life for almost every American and Irish person alike.