What is Olympus Dao?

All Hail Olympus DAO! An Algorithmic Currency Protocol. OlympiaDAO is an experimental project in the cryptosphere. OHM currency is backed by a token treasury that is managed by the DAO. The DAO buys assets from investors (to be deposited in the Treasury) and issues OHM tokens to replace them. Here we explain below how this DAO works.

How do I get Olympus tokens?

There are two ways you can get Olympus tokens. You can buy them on the market, like on SushiSwap, or you can participate in the Olympus bonds program. The Olympus bonds program buys Olympus LP (liquidity pool tokens) and other assets from investors in return for discounted OHM tokens. Here’s how it works.

How does Olympus protect the value of Ohm tokens?

It does this by buying liquidity from its users in exchange for discounted OHM tokens in a process it calls bonding. By owning the vast majority of its liquidity (Olympus currently holds 99.5%), Olympus protects the value of the reserve-backing OHM tokens and keeps the protocol liquid.

What is Olympus Dao ohm currency?

Olympus DAO’s decentralized reserve OHM currency is intended to wean crypto markets off their unhealthy addiction to US dollars. The point of OHM is to act as a store of value, not pegged to the $1 mark as are USDT, USDC, and others.