What is NSX Stock Exchange?

NSX is a stock exchange set up and managed specifically to cater for the listing of small to medium enterprises. The exchange is owned by NSX Limited which is listed on ASX. NSX also operates SIM Venture Securities Exchange Limited. Market capitalization of all NSX stocks is $5 billion. Contact details:

Why is the NSX the second biggest stock exchange in Africa?

Read more... The Namibian Stock Exchange (“NSX”) is the only stock exchange in Namibia, with a total market capitalisation of US$ 145 billion as at end 2014, making it the second biggest exchange in Africa in those terms. The reason for this size is the large number of dual or secondary listings.

What is NSX (Namibian Stock Exchange)?

The Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) uses the same JSE SENS system and is referred to as NENS (Namibian Exchange News Service) which exists for their company announcements to be disseminated via a separate real-time Gateway and separate EOD products specific to their market.