What is a 300m run?

The 300m run is a long sprint test and a test of anaerobic capacity. T is important for performing short, intense bursts of effort. Purpose: to measure your anaerobic capacity in the event of a foot pursuit. Equipment required when training for this test: oval or running track, stopwatch, and marker cones placed around the course (optional).

What are the properties of 300m?

Properties combine toughness, fatigue strength and good ductility. 300M is used where fracture toughness and impact strength are crucial Heat treatment • Oil quench from 870°C • Double temper at 300°C

What does 3008-m look like?

Description:3008-M is a 7,0 slim and pale entity with no eyes. The inside of their mouth is completely empty and dark. Their arms are outstretched, skinny and their hands are sharp. They seem to be the most human Like out of the other 3008 instances including having hair and a mouth. They have the same outfit the other 3008 instances.