What is NFT 2.0?

As it already has in the name, NFT 2.0 is an upgraded version of NFT 1.0. Several NFT enthusiasts and cryptopreneurs is expecting this NFT 2.0 to be an improved form of Non-Fungible token technology in many different manners.

What does %0.2f% mean?

I already know %0.2f means a float value with two decimals. someone know what does %0.2f% do? or is a typo? I'm asking this question, because right now I'm receiving an error, not enough arguments passed to printf ( bu if I remove the last percentage like this %0.2f works fine. Looks like a typo to me.

What exactly is a '2.0' version?

The industry who pioneered the term “2.0” has moved away from the concept of versioning altogether, instead favoring the somewhat humbling concept of “always in beta,” or perpetual beta, the concept of achieving big-scale upgrades in a myriad of small but frequent updates instead of one big install.

What is toeoff® 2.0?

ToeOFF® 2.0 is the updated version of the Original ToeOFF® . This new model have several new features that has been asked for from customers over time. The shape is more organic, with shorter side extensions and more rounded shape. Also the surface is smoother and more scratch resistant.