Who is NEXTDC?

Private and secure connectivity to all major Cloud onramps NEXTDC customers are supported by more than 750+ partners that form our highly skilled and network-rich partner ecosystem. We are Australia’s only truly channel-centric data centre solutions provider, offering complete service neutrality.

Why did NEXTDC invest in New data centres?

NEXTDC has continued to invest in new data centres during the period, and to expand its existing data centre infrastructure. These growth projects require significant capital outlay which results in the capitalisation of external and internal costs into Property, Plant and Equipment and Intangible Assets.

What are the financial statements of NEXTDC limited?

NEXTDC Limited is a company limited by shares, incorporated and domiciled in Australia. The financial statements are presented in the Australian currency. A description of the nature of the consolidated entity's operations and its principal activities is included in the Directors' Report, which is not part of these financial statements.