Who are the top women in crypto?

Next in our top women in crypto list is Catalina Castro, or Tech con Catalina as her 160,000+ Spanish YouTube subscribers know her. Tech con Catalina is the most prominent female Spanish-speaking crypto YouTube channel. Moreover, Castro offers another YouTube channel, Tech with Catalina, for her English-speaking fans.

Who is bitcoinlady?

Known colloquially as BitcoinLady, Itireleng is pushing the boundaries of the crypto movement in Africa to new heights. She created Satoshi Centre, a marketplace in Botswana, where all transactions are made using Bitcoin.

What percentage of crypto investors are women?

Last year, crypto market trading reached just shy of $1 trillion, but only 5.5 percent of bitcoin investors are women. In a study carried out by Quartz, a measly 8.5 percent of crypto startups founded between 2012 and 2018 had a founder or co-founder who was a woman. Despite the low numbers, there are a whole host of female trailblazers in crypto.