How does Algo work?

Today many big trades are fed into computers running "algo" programs, which then execute them automatically in small packets. An algo can execute more swiftly than an individual using a GUI. The plug in uses a key part of Google’s search algo. What is the pronunciation of algo? algorithm 的縮寫, (尤指電腦程序中的)算法… algorithm 的缩写, (尤指电脑程序中的)算法…

What is an example of an algorithm?

Automation software acts as another example of algorithms, as automation follows a set of rules to complete tasks. Many algorithms make up automation software, and they all work to automate a given process. What are different types of algorithms?

What are the key areas where algorithms are used?

Some of the key areas where algorithms are used include: Computer Science: Algorithms form the basis of computer programming and are used to solve problems ranging from simple sorting and searching to complex tasks such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Are all algorithms complex and efficient?

Certainly, many algorithms are built complex and efficient by combining many algorithms into one (as one step may also be considered an algorithm, isn't it?..). But what I would like to ask - what are the algorithms considered to implement the biggest amount of advanced techniques in computational and/or natural sciences?