What are security tokens & movie tokens?

Security Token Offerings and Movie Tokens: The tokenization of assets is democratizing investment into the film industry. Tokens may represent financial products sharing future profits or offering fixed returns. Although investing in the film industry has grown more lucrative, there are limited tools available that are fair and plausible.

What is movie tokenization & how does it work?

Powered by blockchain, tokenization facilitates an international market to buy or trade film tokens. Any investor can buy a movie token prior to its release, from the 24/7 market and sell it post its release. This would bring a new dimension to investments in the industry.

What is MovieCoin?

Moviecoin - Crowdfunding Movies with Crypto and NFTs. Moviecoin.com brings movie funding and decentralized finance (defi) to both independent movie-makers and larger budget films via crypto and NFTs utilising the blockchain.

What is the MBL token used for?

The MBL token is used for economic activity in the MovieBloc ecosystem, including watching premium content, paying translators, donating to other participants, and rewarding users for reporting illegal content, rating films, and reviewing films.