What is AUD/USD (Australian dollar - US dollar)?

Note: Low and High figures are for the trading day. AUD/USD (Australian Dollar - US Dollar) is one of the most frequently-traded currency pairs in the world. The AUD/USD rate, as shown in the real-time price chart, tells traders how many US Dollars are needed to buy a single Australian Dollar.

Why does the AUD/USD pair increase?

For example, when the Federal Reserve (the US regulator, aka the central Bank) intervenes in its open market to stimulate companies' activities, thus increasing the supply of US dollars and placing downward pressure on the US currency, the value of the AUD/USD pair could increase.

Is AUD/USD a good currency to trade?

AUD/USD can be a very good pair to trade when you have a monetary policy divergence between the two central banks backing the currencies, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) for the AUD and the Federal Reserve (the Fed) for the USD.