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What is folgory coin (FLG)?

As of November 2019, Folgory joined the likes of Binance to launch its native token Folgory Coin (FLG), which will be used within the exchange to pay for trading fees and receive rewards.

What is LFG finance (LFG)?

What is LFG Finance? LFG Finance (LFG) is currently ranked as the #14753 cryptocurrency by market cap. Today it reached a high of $0.646760, and now sits at null.

What is golf coin?

GULF COIN is supported by numerous projects, armed by a unique burning strategy. Brought to you specially to provide digital payment solutions in order to make make our community’s Financial life easier and up to date with the digital revolutions. Information incorrect? Please submit an Update Request !

What is the coinfield coin?

The CoinField Coin (or Field Coin) will be a vital investment for current and future CoinField traders. It can be used to pay fees on the CoinField platform and distributed as a reward under our user programs. In the near future, CoinField plans on exploring the NFT space as well as the GameFi domain.

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