What is isotopic?

Isotopic Brings together Game Developers, to host their applications on a unified platform built for everyone to enjoy. Browse, Download, and Play Unlimited Games! Gain true control of your game library on Isotopic. Trade and resell games after you are done playing with them. Collect exclusive and limited games and DLC.

What is isotopic & how does it work?

On Isotopic, games that you buy can be traded, resold, or otherwise repurposed, creating a new economy to support small indiependent game developers. Open and Cross-Platform Game Store and App Distribution Platform. Unlimited games and content in one place. Own your games.

Is isotopic a fungible token?

All games that you own at ISOTOPIC are Non-Fungible Tokens. This creates an economy where games can easily be Traded, Staked, or Lended. "As Web3 evolves it is creating Value in The Future of the Digital Economy. Websites will be able to interact directly with each other, without the need for intermediaries."