Is $120K a good salary?

But based on the federal government's standard work year of 2,087 hours, a $120K salary works out to $57.50 per hour. Compared to the average American worker, $57.50 is a great hourly wage. In November 2022, $32.82 was the average hourly earning rate across all private employees. Is $120K a good salary in California?

Is $120K a livable salary?

The best way to see is $120k is a livable salary for you is to work out how you want to live. You have to consider what amount of your income will go towards paying rent or mortgage payments, as well as any other bills and any debts you have. After this, you can work out what disposable income you will have, and what this will help you afford.

How much is 120K a year?

If you are getting paid monthly then you will have 12 pay periods in a year. That means that to calculate how much 120k a year is per month you will need to divide 120k by 12. $120,000 / 12 = $10000 per month That means that every month before taxes you will be bringing $10000 in gross pay. That’s a fair amount of money.