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What is ICE Brent crude oil?

ICE Brent Crude is a specific futures contract offered by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). Each contract is worth 1,000 barrels of Brent crude oil. It is traded in U.S. dollars, and it trades on exchanges in New York, London, and Singapore. Where is Brent crude oil refined?

What is the ICE Brent index?

The ICE Brent Index is published by ICE Futures Europe on the day after expiry of the front month ICE Brent futures contract and used by ICE Futures Europe as the final cash settlement price.

What is ICE Brent futures contract?

ICE Brent futures contract is a deliverable contract based on Exchange for Physical (EFP) delivery with an option to cash settle against the ICE Brent Index. This means that market participants have the option - but not the obligation - of taking physical delivery by using the EFP mechanism.

What is Brent crude oil contract-for-Difference (CfD)?

Brent crude oil contract-for-difference (CFD) is a weekly spread or swap between the Dated Brent assessed price and the Second Month (or M2) Brent crude oil forward contract. They trade over a five day work week in volumes of 100 or 100,000 lots and the most recent CFD rolls to the next-week CFD on Thursday.

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