What is crypto trading & how does it work?

Cryptocurrency trading is the process of buying and selling digital assets on a crypto exchange or brokerage platform with the aim of making a profit. You can trade the crypto you own or enter into futures, options, or contracts for differences (CFDs) agreements. The latter is essentially trading on margin.

Why should you learn cryptocurrency trading strategies?

Capitalize on the exciting and volatile crypto market by learning expert trading strategies that apply to cryptocurrencies, tokens and commodities. Learn what common cryptocurrency trading mistakes to avoid.

What is a cryptocurrency beginner course?

Cryptocurrency Foundations: This beginner course consists of four sections, with topics explaining what cryptocurrency is, how to create cryptocurrency, how to invest in cryptocurrency, and the future of cryptocurrency. This course gives an overview of cryptocurrency and the crypto market.

How to start a cryptocurrency trading account?

The first step in cryptocurrency trading is to find a suitable cryptocurrency trading platform and create an account. Different cryptocurrency traders have different needs and goals when it comes to trading. Fortunately, there are a variety of trading platforms to choose from on the internet.