How much does helium cost?

The last year helium prices were posted by the Federal Government was in 2018. The estimated price for private industry’s Grade-A helium was about $7.57 per cubic meter ($210 per thousand cubic feet), with some producers posting surcharges to this price. Recycling: In the United States, helium used in large-volume applications is seldom recycled.

How much helium is produced in 2021?

Prepared by Joseph B. Peterson8[(806) 356–1030, [email protected]] HELIUM (Data in million cubic meters of contained helium gas1unless otherwise noted) Domestic Production and Use:The estimated value of Grade-A helium (99.997% or greater) extracted during 2021 by private industry was about $540 million.

How much helium is in a natural gas reservoir?

The mean volume of recoverable helium within the known geologic natural gas reservoirs in the United States was estimated to be 8,490 million cubic meters (306 billion cubic feet). This does not include the remaining 85.7 million cubic meters (3 billion cubic feet) in the Federal helium inventory.

How much helium does the world have?

These fields contained an estimated 3.9 billion cubic meters (140 billion cubic feet) of helium. Helium resources of the world, exclusive of the United States, were estimated to be about 31.3 billion cubic meters (1.13 trillion cubic feet).