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What does it mean if someone is funny?

Someone or something that is funny is amusing and likely to make you smile or laugh . Wade was smart and not bad-looking, and he could be funny when he wanted to. I'll tell you a funny story. If you describe something as funny, you think it is strange, surprising, or puzzling . Children get some very funny ideas sometimes!

Is fun a noun?

Fun is an uncountable noun meaning ‘pleasure and enjoyment’: … funny ha-ha or funny strange/weird? I ignored the news and went straight to the funnies. Fun or funny? Fun is an uncountable noun meaning ‘pleasure and enjoyment’: … Jerome is so funny. She told me the funniest joke. The washing machine is making funny noises again.

What is a Funnies skiff?

noun,plural fun·nies. a shell or light skiff rowed by one person with sculls. The hashtag itself also has to be memorable, funny or otherwise worth sharing. Maybe there are a few poems or funny stories written by the contributors.

What is a laugh-out-loud funny word?

Something that you are reading or watching that makes you laugh so much that you make a noise may be described as laugh-out-loud funny : For me, the film wasn’t laugh-out-loud funny, but it was quite amusing. Another adjective meaning ‘hilarious’ is hysterical. It’s generally used in informal, spoken English:

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