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What is ADA handle and why is it called $?

In the case of ADA Handle, we call this your Handle, and denote it with $. The reason we chose $ instead of @ is because across most social media platforms, @ is a unique identifier of a platform user.

Does Ada handle own my address?

Thankfully, ADA Handle doesn't own the data associated with your address. You do, and it's secured on the Cardano blockchain.

Can I Ban a user with Ada handle?

With ADA Handle, there is no way for us to ban a user except through our own products. But doing this wouldn’t truly ban a user, since other platforms could still support them, and since the data is on-chain and not owned by anyone except the Handle owner.

What are ADA exceptions?

Ada uses exceptions for error handling. Unlike many other languages, Ada speaks about raising, not throwing, an exception and handling, not catching, an exception. Ada exceptions are not types, but instead objects, which may be peculiar to you if you're used to the way Java or Python support exceptions. Here's how you declare an exception:

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