How to buy gold stocks on ASX?

Once you’ve selected a company or multiple companies to invest in, you can buy gold stocks using trading apps with access to ASX stocks, or you can get the help of a stock broker. How to buy gold ETFs on the ASX?

Are ASX gold mining shares a buy?

The gold spot price is central to whether or not ASX gold mining shares are a buy. The recent slump in gold prices was largely driven by the strength in the US dollar. It is difficult to gauge where gold will go from here despite rising fears about the pandemic, a weak global economy and uncertainty about the US elections.

Which ASX-listed gold companies have seen the biggest share price gains?

While there are many choices, the list below shows the ASX-listed gold companies that have seen the biggest share price gains year-to-date. All share price data was obtained on November 7, 2023, using TradingView's stock screener, and the stocks listed had market caps above AU$50 million at that time. 1. Spartan Resources