What is the ixgb Linux base driver?

This file describes the ixgb Linux Base Driver for the 10 Gigabit Intel (R) Network Connection. This driver includes support for Itanium (R)2-based systems. For questions related to hardware requirements, refer to the documentation supplied with your 10 Gigabit adapter. All hardware requirements listed apply to use with Linux.

What is BCBG icons?

Earn gifts, rewards, free shipping & more with BCBG Icons, a loyalty program for the women who inspire us most.

What is IXB & how does it work?

The aim of IXB is to create a 24/7 USD-EUR payments corridor. To this end, the initiative will: Leverage the existing instant RTP clearing schemes in the United States and RT1 In Europe. Convert real-time messages between both systems. Introduce the concept of synchronised settlement.

What is bbix IX?

An interconnection point for the Internet that enables you to exchange Internet traffic globally. BBIX provides IX services for ISPs, content providers, CATV operators and other enterprises. By connecting to the BBIX IX connection point, it enables you to exchange Internet traffic directly with other customers who are connected to the point.