What is AUD currency?

This currency pair is also known as the "Aussie". Together with the New Zealand Dollar and the Canadian Dollar, the AUD is a commodity currency, that is a currency whose country's exports are largely comprised of raw materials (precious metals, oil, agriculture, etc.).

Why is AUD/USD a good stock to buy?

The AUD/USD also tends to have a higher beta and is therefore more sensitive to rising or falling equity and commodity prices compared to other crosses. Consequently, traders will want to keep a close eye on the S&P500 in the US as well as the prices of gold and copper as they have a high positive correlation with AUD/USD.

What's going on with AUDUSD?

Upward trend forming, EMA break and retest. 3 profit zones identified. AUDUSD touches the target The Australian dollar pair against the US dollar , and finds strong support there to now show some bullish bias, influenced positively by stochastic indicators, heading towards achieving immediate gains that may reach 0.6468 .

What happened to AUD/USD?

The AUD/USD pair kept falling in the last few days, reaching a fresh multi-week low of 0.7263 on Friday, to close the trading week a handful of pips above it. EUR/USD rebounded during the American session and climbed to 1.0715 as the US Dollar retreated, accompanied by lower Treasury yields.