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What is feeder cattle?

Feeder cattle are a valued product across businesses like farming, fashion, sporting materials, and musical instruments. In this article, we explain what is feeder cattle, why it’s important, what we need it for, how to produce it, and what controls its value. Feeder cattle include weaned calves that weigh 600 to 800 lbs.

What breeds of cattle can be raised as feeder cattle?

Some breeds to raise as feeder cattle are Charolais, Belgian blue cattle, Red angus, Black angus, Limousin cattle, and Hereford. Global ingestion of beef reaches about 60 million tons a year. The economic influence of the meat sector in the USA is as much as $1 trillion.

What is a medium frame feeder cattle?

Medium frame feeder cattle are slightly tall and slightly long-bodied for their age and breed, and steers and heifers of this frame, everything else being constant, are not expected to produce US Choice until they are fed to 1,100 to 1,250 pounds (500 to 570 kg) and 1,000 to 1,150 pounds (450 to 520 kg), respectively.

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