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Where can I buy AUD?

Aud is accepted in a few places although CPF is generally required. If need be you can purchase CPF from the pursers desk on board additionally there is a currency exchange booth at the Cruise ship terminal. There is a small market and local tour vendors are available in the terminal for tour purchases they will accept AUD.

What is the range of the AUD/USD price?

The first minor range is .7030 to .7266. The AUD/USD is currently trading on the weak side of its retracement zone at .7120 to .7148, making it resistance.

How much does audfans cost?

No Spam, No Credit Card Required. Audfans is a completely free service that requires no payment or personal information upon signing up. We promise to never spam your inbox and to only send you new, quality content that you will love & signed up for.

How much does farmland cost in Queensland?

The median price of $6,827/ha is a 47 per cent increase on 2019 median value, and almost double the median price in 2011. The median value of farmland in all Queensland regions increased year-on-year.

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