What are AppExchange apps?

AppExchange apps are the core solution of our marketplace. They're ready-to-install enterprise solutions that let you extend Salesforce into every department or industry. Lightning Components are the building blocks for making apps — with drag-and-drop ease — in Lightning App Builder.

How does Microsoft Exchange work?

Microsoft Exchange relies on the use of an Exchange server — a computer on which individual users' Exchange accounts are configured. An organization can maintain its own Exchange server or rely on Microsoft to do that via the cloud using a Microsoft 365 account.

What is Exchange ActiveSync and how does it work?

When you use a Microsoft Exchange account, email messages — along with calendar information and other Outlook details — are generally kept in sync between your Outlook client on a computer or mobile device and the Exchange server. This most often happens using a technology called Exchange ActiveSync.

What is Exchange Web Services?

Exchange Web Services was first introduced with the Exchange Server 2007. Since then, it has provided IT administrators and companies with easy means to manage, store, retrieve, and modify their data. Your IT admins can also configure the Exchange Server.