What is the Adobe exchange marketplace?

The Adobe Exchange Marketplace is a directory of integrations that Adobe customers can use to enhance their Adobe Experience Cloud implementation. Each listing includes installation instructions for you to learn about implementation for the integration, and the level of effort that would be needed.

What is Adobe exchange developer portal?

Adobe Exchange offers a web service called the Developer portal, that developers can use to upload and distribute their created extensions to share or offer for sale. Users can browse, purchase, and download, to augment the capabilities of their Creative Cloud apps.

How do I create a product for Adobe exchange?

To create a product for Adobe Exchange, you must develop content that augments the capabilities of Adobe Creative Cloud. For content (such as C++ plug-ins built with an application SDK), you can use the online Adobe Exchange Packager and the Packaging and Signing Toolkit.

What can I download from the Adobe exchange?

At the Adobe Exchange, you can download extensions, custom tags, scripts, content, and other items that extend the functionality of Adobe applications. These items are created by Adobe and by members of the community. Most items are available free of charge. Items that cost money have a Buy icon next to them.