Can Ethereum reach $100K?

Here’s the short answer: Yes, Ethereum can reach $100K. The reasons are digital bonds, tokenized real estate and securities, DEFI, NFT, institutional accumulation, and ETH 2.0. Ethereum might hit $100,000 when Bitcoin reaches 1.5 million, probably within the next decade. Let’s examine how, when, and why Ethereum can reach $100K.

How much is ethereum worth?

If Ethereum is worth 6.5% of one Bitcoin, and one Ethereum is worth $100K, we can calculate the needed Bitcoin price like this: Bitcoin price = $100 000 / 0.065 = $1,538,462. For Ethereum to reach $100K, we need to see a Bitcoin price of roughly $1,500,000.

What's the difference between the S&P 500 and Ethereum?

By comparison, the benchmark S&P 500 has roughly doubled in value over the same stretch. Although Bitcoin ( BTC 0.04%) gets most of the glory, as the largest digital currency by market value, it's Ethereum ( ETH -0.14%) that's delivered the truly jaw-dropping returns of late. Image source: Getty Images.

Will Ethereum hit $100,000 if bitcoin hits 1.5 million?

Most people predict that Ethereum could hit the $100,000 mark when Bitcoin hits 1.5 million, which is expected to be sometime within a decade. However, please remember that this article is neither a price prediction nor is it investment advice. It is merely speculation into the future of Ethereum and what it has the potential to achieve.