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What is ETH/BTC?

A trading pair, like ether-bitcoin (ETH/BTC), is a function that represents two cryptocurrencies that can be traded for each other on an exchange. Even as bitcoin crashed last week pulling the crypto market lower, the ether-bitcoin (ETH/BTC) ratio rose by nearly 13 percent hitting an over three-year high.

Why is the ETH/BTC pair rising?

The latest ETH/BTC rally may have been caused by rising interest in the Ethereum blockchain. While the second most popular currency dipped on December 4, it has stayed resilient in the past few months. There are a few reasons why the ETH/BTC pair is seeing a substantial rise, which can be attributed to a few factors.

Who can own bitcoin & ETH?

No one can own either the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain networks themselves as they represent little more than a collection of privately owned computers linked together through open-source code. But anyone can own BTC or ETH as a potential investment. BTC is the sole digital crypto coin associated with the Bitcoin blockchain network.

Is ethbtc a fiat currency?

As opposed to fiat currency pairs, in which each side of the pair relates to its respective country’s economy, both sides of the ETHBTC instrument could be exposed to similar factors.

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