Will envx go to $100 stock price?

Will ENVX go to $100 stock price (don't know). Will they be some multiple of where they are now. (IMO YES) Hang on for 2 years from now and there will be at least a minimal reward (2X). However if they get there first with the silicone anode battery - Katie bar the doors.

Does Enovix support EVs?

Enovix continues to work on its EV strategy to deploy Enovix's proprietary architecture into EVs. As mentioned in the earlier deep dive into Enovix, the benefits of incorporating Enovix's proprietary architecture into EVs is due to Enovix's advantage in heat dissipation and energy density.

Does Enovix have a competitive advantage?

Enovix is clear that it not only has a competitive advantage over competitors but also one that can be sustained over the long run. While there may be some graphite producers looking to add about 5% to 8% silicon content into their batteries to increase their batteries, Enovix continues to cement its competitive advantage today.