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What is an EN domain name?

ENS domains are a blockchain version whereby you can use an ENS name instead of a complicated string of characters and letters. To buy a ENS domain name, use Ethereum Name Service, Unstoppable Domains or MyEtherWallet. On first glance, buying an ENS domain name looks cheaper than a .com.

What is an en subdomain?

An ENS subdomain is an addition to a primary blockchain domain name. As the owner of an ENS domain, you can pick any subdomain that works for your brand or business. A subdomain works similarly to a primary ENS domain. You can add wallet addresses for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litcoin, and Doge as well as various text records.

How do I buy an ENS domain?

To buy an ENS domain, you need an existing cryptocurrency wallet that works with a web browser extension, such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or the wallet built into the Brave browser. I used MetaMask. Buying the domain is similar to paying for an item on Amazon or any other online store, but you’re paying with Ethereum instead of dollars.

Can en domains store NFTS?

One feature that is particularly interesting with ENS domains is that they can store NFTs. Users' ENS domains can appear alongside their favorite NFT. Ethereum domains can also serve as a sign-in with Ethereum. This means that your ENS name could be used as a universal username across many platforms.

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